This is what I do – who wants to be at the top?


  • Consultations are ABSOLUTELY FREE – it is completely up to you if you want to ask for Butterfly Boom Production’s assistance after we meet.
  • I will sit down with you and peek at your online presence in social media.  I do NOT criticize choices you have made or anything you have done.
  • I have a checklist I go by, I know exactly what to look for because I have been doing this for years and I know what is needed to get eyeballs on your business on social media.
  • If you have a blog I can look at that also.  I have won awards for blogging three years in a row so blogging is one of my specialties.
  • If you are producing great content that still needs editing, we can do that
  • If you want or need the following I connect you with our team of developers:
    • A new website
    • Website redesign
    • Website maintenance
    • WordPress training
    • Graphic design
    • Targeted Marketing
    • Branding
    • SEO
    • Podcasting and podcast production goes to our #ITDude whose specialty is setting up and producing podcasts



  • Grow Your Business Membership Club:  I have been doing social media for people for over 7 years.  I have files and folders of original creations.  I also travel to social media conferences, participate in webinars, and I am always learning.  I bought the intellectual property of another business and I am taking all this to a membership club where you will have the choice to use our extensive social media library yourself and be a DIY person. For More Information of the Membership Club  CLICK HERE.
  • Consulting/Tweaking Costs for Social Media Work:  When I am finished looking at what you need to do to improve and grow I will share with you what I charge to make that happen.   I promise that these tweaks and fixes are usually short-term, I am a consultant and I consult with you on every decision.  I am here to get you on the right track in a short amount of time. I base fees on specific platforms, and just what is actually needed.  If you need more I can bundle and package a price that is agreeable and I will get you going.
  • Coaching:  Fees vary widely depending on the length and frequency of the sessions.  I provide hourly coaching or you can purchase a coaching package.  The cost depends on your wants and needs and sessions range from 30-60 minutes.  There is a free introductory session to go over your situation and assess the potential for a successful effective working relationship. Clients create and implement an action plan to achieve their desired goals. We then discuss the time frame to achieve the desired effect.
  • Hiring BBP by the hour:  There is an hourly rate and sometimes this fits a client’s needs and other times a bundled package fee works out better.  I am very easy to work with and flexible to your needs.  Bundled fee packages can only be discussed after a consultation is performed.
  • Setting up Social Media Pages for You:  This depends on what your needs are, and how many accounts you want to have, and again it is best to have a discussion on this.
  • Blog Set Up/Ghost Writing: There is a setup fee dependent on your needs and an hourly charge for ghost writing.
  • Website work Through SEO as above:  Again this depends on your needs and our developers are in charge of this department.
  • Podcasting: We have a DIY program and a full-blown production program and price depends again on what you want to have.

Pricing cannot be one size fits all and this is why a full consultation has to be performed before we can even talk dollars.  Reach out because the magic happens here.

Magic Happens Here.